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I Really Am Sorry!! September 21, 2008

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I am sorry I haven’t been posting much but school has me soooo stressed!! I’m super sorry!!!!!!!!!!

Basicly there has been a Septemeber catalog issue I LOVE! And I wig catalog I don’t really like. Also new play that I do like!

Clothes Catalog:

Awesome Awesome catalog. My fav is the painter! 😀

Wig Catalog:

Not very good. Look very weird.


I really like the play! Very mysterious.

Furniture Catalog:

Great furniture catalog! Love the theme!!!

Phew, *wipes sweat on forehead* I think thats all the updates. I will try my hardest to post on time!!

Can’t wait for the fall fair!!!!!!!!!!

I’m not sure when my party will be, but it will be in the very near future!

u no i ♥ pie



How the party went September 3, 2008

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I waited at the party. I waited and waited. And waited some more. The only person I saw was Cwpleader. You know what that means.


Yay! I decide the time later.

The reason I haven’t posted is that I started school, and ive been tired, very tired.

This is a small post.

u no i ♥ pie


PS: I forgot to post about the pin last time! Here it is:

It’s a 150 newspaper thingy and it’s in the boiler room.

New Furniture Catalog! August 31, 2008

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All that’s new is the furniture catalog. Boring *yawn* at least on Monday is my party and new clothing catalog is on the 5th!! 😀

The cover:

The stuff:

(click 2 enlarge)

The theme is so-so. It’s just kinda old.

Can’t wait 4 party!

u no i ♥ pie


Penguin Games August 25, 2008

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Sorry, I didn’t post earlier but I decided I wouldn’t post until I won a medal. Let’s just say I’m bad a the Penguin games. 😛



(click here 2 vote)

Anyway, there are 2 free items.

One in the Coffee Shop:

One in the Pizza Parlor:

And there is the 3 Penguin Games events.


Three lap race:

Freestyle Swim:

(click 2 enlarge)

Once you do all 3 penguin events thingys, you get a prize:

Remember my party!!!!

u no i ♥ pie


Updates, and info on party! August 17, 2008

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Rockhopper’s here!!!

The free items or so-so:

(click 2 enlarge)

There’s a new igloo catalog!

(click 2 enlarge)

There is one new absoutly AWESOME new igloo, i love!!!

It rocks!

Next, the new Sports catalog!

(click 2 enlarge)

Basicly the only new stuff is:

It’s kinda boring.

Now to my party! Here’s the invite:

YAY! I can’t wait!!!!!!

u no i ♥ pie


What time is it? August 10, 2008

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Yup, you heard me. its the 10,000 hits party coming your way!!!!!!!

I’m not sure about the exact times, but probably next weekend!

Tell me when you can come and I’ll decide the date of the party!

u no i ♥ pie


Just Read August 8, 2008

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Remember when dandeman commented a few days ago saying that we’re close to finding creamfan2 because sweetsamoa recently commented on creams website? I think you should all view this:



In which Funguin updates. August 2, 2008

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Yes, I shall update.
There is a party, the Music Jam! It’s awesome!

(click to enlarge)

In the Snow Forts there is a tiny shop thing. You can buy cool shirts or a VIP pass! Only Memmbers can see the stuff though. 😦

(click 2 enlarge)

With the VIP pass you can go backstage, which is really cool.

(click to enlarge)

The Band is different this year, you have to find them like yuo do with Rockhopper. If you meet them yuo get a rare background. I haven’t  seen them yet.

Now about the August clothes catalog!

The cover looks good but what’s inside?

Actually REALLY good shoes! ♥ them!

Great outfit!!!!!!! Love it, love it, love it!

Over all, one of my personal favorite Club Penguin Clothes Catalog!!!

u no i ♥ pie



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I checked cream’s site and sweet samoa was on the recent comments. She is back at least, and the first thing snow says to her is WHERE IS CREAM TELL ME. She knows cream in real life, so we might finally find Cream (Sweet hasn’t told us yet).

Sara Says: My name is not snow, its SARA, ok?

Creamfan2 Missing! July 27, 2008

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Funguin u haven’t seen any sign of Creamfan2? On her site she hasn’t been sen since MARCH and all the pie ppl are wondering what happened. IF ANYONE REMEMBERS SEEING CREAM RECENTLY PLZ TELL ME OR ANY OF THE OTHER PIE LOVERS. I haven’t seen her, and I’m assuming it’s one of the 4:

1. She quit and didn’t want to deal with pplz whining about it (Most Likely)

2. She died (We might declare this as possible if we don’t find her by September. I know, but it could be an explanation. Srry to be creepy)

3. Can’t get onto the site or cp (Her new computer could’ve been messed up. Everyone uses microsoft these days…)

4. Got amnesia and forgot all about it (Same thing as the possibility she died. Amnesia can be cured, though)

5. Went on an extended (VERY EXTENDED) vacation or moved somewhere (didn’t tell us) and couldn’t get access to the internet. (Not likely-she wouldn’t have gone on vacation in March and still not return)




O and sweet samoa is also missing. Maybe it’s something with where they are. That would relate more to either a computer crash or a terrorist attack. I wonder which one (sarcasm)…

Sara Says: Dandeman just so you know amnesia can’t be cured. Cured refers to healing by use of remedial treatment. People with Amnesia can only regain their memories again by themselves, NOT with the help of treatment.