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The First Day of School

It was the worst day ever, for any puffle. Today was the first day of Puffle School. “GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING!!!!!” shouted Pinkie so very loudly that everyone in the igloo woke up, startled. “Pink Puffle say wha? Pie? Where?” mumbled Funguin who was still half asleep. “Pinkie what color bow should I wear today?” asked Sunflower. “I think pink looks best on you.” Replied Pinkie. “Then you should wear a yellow bow!” The two girls giggled. “Do we HAVE to ride the bus?” asked Ashes. “Yes!” Said Funguin, fully awake now. “I’ll take you all to the bus stop.” Said Funguin. “I’ll beat you all on a race to the bus stop!!!” shouted Mint. “But Fire is the fastest, he’ll win easy!” Said Violet. They still raced to the bus stop anyway. Panting heavily, all Funguin’s puffles make it to the bus on time. Finally, when the bus pulled up, Ice ran into the bus first. “Why is she so eager to get on the bus?” asked Fire. “I don’t know.” Answered Violet. Sunflower sat next to Pinkie, Mint sat next to Teddy (Rattybor’s puffle), Ashes sat next to no one, Ice (very unhappily) sat next to Custard who only talked about Lemon, Fire sat next to no one, and Violet sat next to Luna (another one of Rattybor’s puffles). After the long ride to school, finally the puffles got to Puffle School. In science, Ashes was very embrassed. On the PIM page Funguin had left a code that said who he liked. And, well somee puffles craked that code and knew who he liked. It seemed to him everyone was staring at him, trying to see what he would do next. And boy, was Ashes scared. All his life he was just, “that puffle”. No one payed that much attention of him. Until now. Not everyone was feeling like Ashes. Sunflower seemed to be at the top of the world, she could see Paints now without Funguin looking at them. It made Sunflower very happy. But once today already, Paints was caught passing a note to Sunflower. ‘This is going to be harder then I thought’ Thought Sunflower. Ice found herself jealous very easily when she saw other puffle couples. She wanted someone of her own. Someone smart, handsome, funny, and fun– “ICE! Pay attention to Math!!” Yelled a teacher. Ice sighed, school was no fun. Mint ran to the Social Studies class. Not only was he late, this was his favorite subject and wanted his teacher to have a good empression of him. Being late would never be a good empression! He ran so fast, faster then Fire ran when Fire was in a race. “NO RUNNING IN THE HALLWAY! DETENION FOR YOU MINT!” Yelled a random teacher. ‘Oh great detention!’ thought Mint. He slowed down, and finally made it to his Social Studies class. He was not late, but he did have detenion. By lunch time, all Funguin’s puffles were down in the dumps. Bysides Pinkie. “OH SCHOOL IS SOOOO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!!!” Pinkie would scream at random times. Her teacher called Pinkie “Over-enthusiastic.” (way TOO excited). Pinkie only said thank you to that news! Later that same day, Voliet was SUPER HAPPY. She found out that she was going to those classes were the puffles that think out side the box go. She couldnt wait to tell Funguin when she got home! At lunch, Ashes was still very embrassed so he ate lunch at the library. But sadly a red puffle named Ghost saw him go in there, so he got all these bullies together in the library to pick on Ashes. But, Ashes felt extremly happy when he figured out that Lemon didnt know. For, now at least Lemon didnt know. Ashes, still a little afirid of being teased so he ran down the hall. “DETENTION FOR ASHES! NO RUNNING IN HALLWAY!” shouted the same teacher that yelled at Mint. Ashes sighed. “Voliet, come over here!!!!!!!!!!! THIS TABLE!!” shouted Ice. “YET ANOTHER PUFFLE OF FUNGUIN’S HAS DETENTION, NO SHOUTING!” Yelled that same teacher. ‘Just great’ thought Ice. Once lunch was over Sunflower tried to pass a note to Paints. “No passing notes! Since reading them aloud doesnt work, DETENTION!” Sunflower sank low into her seat. ‘No pie from Funguin tonight.’ thought Sunflower. Pinkie started to yell “SCHOOOOOOL IS SOOOOOO MUCH–” “I HAD ENOUGH! DETENTION PINKIE!” shouted the teacher. “You teachers have gone to far! There is too much detention!” Said Fire. “I agree.” Said Voliet. “Okay, both of you detention!” “What!?!?!?” They both said. “Detention, D-E-T-E-N-T-I-O-N!” Said the teacher. In Detention… Ice walked slowly to the detention room. She saw someone pass, a red puffle, a HANDSOME red puffle. His smile melted her heart, and she nearly fainted! But after he was out of sight, she was ok. Detention was long and boring, but all the puffles talked about there day. Thay also decided to tell Funguin that there day was ‘exciting and full of fun.’ It woudnt be exactly a lie (or the truth.) At home… “How was your day?” asked Funguin “EXCITING AND FUN FILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLING!!!!!!!!!!!” Shouted Pinkie. “Fun filling? lol!” Said Funguin. Everyone laughed, and they thought what
Pinkie said was 100% true!




1. Xfadeaway - February 17, 2008


Shred: …will not be given out!

2. Pappy - February 24, 2008

now we can see the stories!


3. jamiegirl - April 2, 2008

i love that story!!!!!♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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