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Fire345123: Well im going 2 watch TV!

Sun213: bye!

Fire345123 left PIM

Icecold234 entered PIM

Violetrox123: hiya Ice!

Icecold234: hi every1!!

Mintrulz: Ice, I like ur username!

Icecold234: thx!

Sun213: i g2g! ttfn

Mintrulz: bye

Sun213 left PIM

Mintrulz: So Bored I cant take it!

Icecold234: Dont leave yet!

Mintrulz: y?

Icecold234: I wanna tell u I think u have great typing skills 4 a 7 year old!!!!

Violetrox123: WHAT!?

Icecold234: its the truth! All puffs look alike, so no1 had any idea!

Violetrox123: How did u no then!

Icecold234: I have my ways!!!!

Mintrulz: STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mintrulz left PIM



1. jamiegirl - April 2, 2008

ooooooooooook thats kinda weird

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