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Violetrox123: Any1 else on?

Sun213: I am

Mintrulz: me 2

Fire345123: me 3!

Mintrulz: im soooo bored

Violetrox123: yep! me 2

Sun213: Can we talk about something other then being bored!!!

Fire345123: fine. Whats 4 dinner?

Mintrulz: I hope its not pizza again! I really want some pie!

Ashes890 enters PIM

Ashes890: hi.

Sun213: Ur NEVER on the computer!

Ashes890: well now I am

Mintrulz: Ashes, I heard u have been looking at a special some1!

Ashes890: well im NOT

Fire345123: I heard the same thing as Mint!

Violetrox123: who is it???

Sun213: Yeah! Who?????????

Ashes890: THERE IS NO1!!!!!

Fire345123: i believe u. NOT!!!!!

Mintrulz: same!!

Ashes890: STOP IT!

Ashes890 left PIM



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