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This is PIM! (Puffle Insant Messaging) Only my puffles will be using this! Enjoy!

NOTE: Idea from Flamer at: http://flamerstale.wordpress.com/

Violetrox123: Massive Updating!

Ashes890: Yeah, Funguin made me write in my journal but i never write in my journal 😦

Sun213: I feel so bad about updating

Icecold234: Ur not the only one

Violetrox123: Do you think Funguin is getting a little crazy?

Sun213: Nah. I think she is a little worried and the puffles page is a place that should be updated more often

Icecold234: But seriously, FORCING us to update?! Isnt that getting a little out of hand!

Ashes890: I totally agree

Violetrox123: Mint is very grouchy today

Sun213: He yelled at me just because I was talking about Paints

Icecold234: I feel bad 4 him. I gave him a bloodly nose

Ashes890: He did nothing 2 me, Violet and Sun, I think you two are crazy

Icecold234: I agree

Violetrox234: Maybe he was nice 2 u but he wasnt nice 2 me or Sun

Sun213: Yeah, He was being rude

Pinkiecutie9 has entered PIM


Violetrox234: Um, sure

Icecold234: R u sane?

Pinkiecutie9: Pooooooooooossibly!

Ashes890: Bye, Im going

Icecold234: Bye!

Violetrox123: Good-Bye!

Pinkiecutie9: BI BI!

Ashes890 has left PIM


Thats all 4 now! Check this page a lot because my puffles use PIM a lot! Its Funguin and I have a code 4 u!!!! Ashes likes:12 5 13 15 14



1. rockhoppertracker - January 29, 2008


2. rockhoppertracker - January 30, 2008

wow u guys don’t go on that often…

3. Rattybor - January 30, 2008


4. belldranit - January 30, 2008

how do u talk

5. dandeman13000 - January 30, 2008


6. belldranit - January 30, 2008

Only Puffles have PIM. Some puffles have this software in their computer or something like that.

7. rockhoppertracker - January 31, 2008

let me clear this up (Flamer explained it to me):

PIM is an program only puffles can get installed on their computer/laptop. It was invented by George Icicles, current head of POL (Puffles OnLine) and has features, such as picture chat, and video chat. Recently ,there has been a break in at POL Inc., and a mysterious no named puffle has been logging in to PIM. If you hear of this, puffles and penguins will tell you to call the PSA.

Thank you Pengapedia!

8. Belldranit - January 31, 2008

can my puffle greeny use it?? BUT HOW CAN HE??????

9. star5treak(not logged on) - January 31, 2008

Wrong, off by 1 letter

10. rockhoppertracker - January 31, 2008

ok Belldranit, let me tell ya this: Puffles are smarter than us. Alot smarter than us. They could take over CP if they wanted to. But, they love us too much. They’ve discovered a cure for the common cold, sent a puffle to Pluto and back, and even know about the afterlife. Don’t questions puffles.

11. rockhoppertracker - February 1, 2008

sorry ,that sounded weird. Puffles are really smart though.

12. Uguu - February 2, 2008


13. Iceangle9595 - February 3, 2008


14. zizzlez - February 3, 2008


15. Snow949 - February 5, 2008

Seriously Lime’s built a ray that fires pies!!!!! hmmm i think he said somthing ’bout taking over the world or something like that…

lol jk

16. funguin - February 5, 2008

Ur online!

17. belldranit - February 15, 2008

I AM SMARTER THAN MY GREEN PUFFLE AND BLACK ONE. i almost ruin their evil plans. sorta

18. Shred - February 16, 2008

*gasp* Funguin, Ashes hacked PIM? He was the mysterious no named puffle!

19. Snow - February 16, 2008

Ashes didnt hack pim, he put a space where his name should be! He went on with the name [just a space] to see if Lemon… well ya know!

20. Pappy - February 24, 2008


21. Pappy - February 24, 2008


22. lilcutiemage - May 7, 2008

aww he likes CORRECT!

23. brry3321 - December 21, 2009


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