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Mint’s Journal

Pic of Mint:




Today is New Years. Everyone is so happy. Idk why. It will be a new year, that’s all. I’m ready for 2008. I’m not overreacting about its arrival.





Nothing really is happening. SO BORING!  Now random stuff: ♠♦♣•◘○w9î2♦♣A╨{╚┼◙┼




I dont like this journal, I barely write in it. I just write about todays happenings:

1. Pinkie broke my model airplane because she was too hyper

2. Fire ‘acidently’ glued my hair together in spikes

3. Violet got mad at me just because i nodded off while she was reading her boring speech 2 me

4. Sunflower swooned over her husband and compared about how bad i was compared 2 him

5. Ice threw her worst throw with a football and it was derected at me, thus i have a bloodly nose

6. Funguin hugged me WAY 2 tight!


I hate my family!




I noticed something weird. Luna wanted 2 date me. And then Carmel did. I’m dating Freezy. Thats 3 puffles who like me. That’s more than Fire!!! OMG! I am so proud of myself. I’m buying this new spy kit thingy from G, only 4 puffles! i wont have missions or anything but since my whole family is a danger magnet it might be needed!


1. Xfadeaway - January 25, 2008


2. Rattybor - January 30, 2008

Hi its Luna Rattybor’s Purple puffle *Blushes* err sooo… Wanna uh…Chat sometime? *Blushes*
You said the same thing 2 Fire…. Anyways sure!

3. rockhoppertracker - January 31, 2008

Freezy: Minty! I thout u likd mee!!!!!!

4. Rattybor - January 31, 2008

lol luna likes mint and fire i guess… lol weird.

5. Rattybor - January 31, 2008

Luna: Ok look i realised ur daten freezy so bye.

6. rockhoppertracker - January 31, 2008

Freezy: Tank u! Minty and mee r goin 2 goo wath Elmoo now!

7. Iceangle - February 14, 2008

Caramel (Iceangles yellow puffle) : hi. We both hav names of foods uh uh *twitches* Um u seem really nice. Since things are really boring want hang out some time *blushs*

8. Pappy - February 24, 2008


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