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First of I am a girl, I am Funguin or Funguin123. I love Club Penguin! Here is a pic of me:me!

My fav game on cp is Cart Surfer! Once I got 345 coins. I no thats not alot but, that is my highest! lol! A game I do for fun is Surfing or Jet Pack Adventure!


Color: Blue

Animal: Seal

Thing to do: Go on the computer or hang with my friends

Food: Pie and Pasta

Word: Hi!

Number: 0

Tell about urself in a comment!



1. Ephrem - January 13, 2008

my name is Ephrem

color: Yellow
superhero name: Ephremboy
friends: Funguin, Zizzle Z, Shreddude87, Saunt and Iceangle (funguin’s sister)
clothes: red letterman jacket and blue running shoes
Animal: Penguin
food: pizza
hobbies: play Club Penguin

2. Ephrem - January 24, 2008

oh yes, Ben166 is my friend too

3. Uguu - January 25, 2008


Color: Purple

Animal: Jaguar

Thing to do: Go to brownies, Play around and joke and prank around!


Word: omg!

Number: 100

4. kuhlaire4ever - February 4, 2008

my name is kuhlaire4ever(welll… not really)

Color: Blue and Hot Pink

Animal: Cat(kittens) and Red Pandas

Things to do: hang out w/ friends

Food: Anything w/ potatoes and steak is good 2!

Word: Awesomenezz


5. zizzlez - February 5, 2008

Color red and black

Animal:mongoose or lion

Things 2 do:play halo 3 all day lol, go on comp play basketball or just hang out

Food: PIzza,candy,cookies,candy,pizza.cireal,candy,pizza

Word:LOL or wazup

Number idk wat dis is?

6. zizzlez - February 5, 2008

coins for cp ooo 80,356

7. catsnhamsters09 - February 25, 2008

My name is catsnhamsters09.
Color: green and purple
Animal: fox
Thing to do: Hang with friends, make people laugh
Word(it’s sort of a phrase): THAT WAS AWESOME!

8. catsnhamsters09 - February 25, 2008

oh, I skiped food. it’s chocolate cream pie

9. bibomedia - March 4, 2008


10. waddlelife - March 6, 2008

My name is waddlelife.
Colour-black (the coolest)
Animal-leopard (the coolest)
Things to do-Hang uot with friends, PLAY CP!
Food-pizza and western food
Word-The coolest!

11. sandystar65 - March 21, 2008

Hey! I am Sandystar45 or Jane5553. (both my penguins)
Color: gold/teal
Animal: Husky!
Things i like doing:Playing Cp, spending time with friends, ice skating
Food:Pie and BBQ (lol but i luv BBQ!)
Number: 38

Thats about me! ~keep on waddlin till the day comes lol byes~

12. superlinkyz - April 8, 2008

Hey nice site!
O and thx for visiting my site!
Feel free to visit agian!

13. tails6000 - May 19, 2008

yo Im Tails 6 or call me Tails
hobbies:watch sonic x,clubpenguin,dance,videogames,and spending time at school with friends
food:chocolate,lots of chicken legs,burgers,and peanut butter sanwhiches
word/phrase:here we go,and or dont have a cow man!

14. MissLaughsAlot - June 21, 2008

Color: Pink;White;Lime Green

Animal: Manatee and Pig

Thing to do: Play Softball and Swim..(sing,dance,hang with friends…and have lotsss of fun! Oh and just cracking up!!!!!)

Food: Cheesecake and Cucumbers

Word: Snoot & Shweet.

Number: 14 & 17

My name is Kenzi.

15. tails6000 - August 5, 2008

also if you want to know the craziest person in my fantasy world here its amy rose she wants to marry me coming soon to a wordpress close to this one

16. Silent J - August 6, 2008

Name: Silent J (No duh)

Color:Light Blue

Animal: Fairy Penguin

Thing to do: Watch television or play Tennis

Food: Mac n’ Cheese

Word: Vendetta


17. tails6000 - August 20, 2008

as in my wordpress and funguin you are also in my story of tails chronicles its coming soon so heres a hint of what happens

tails:funguin look out!
funguin:ahhhh save me!
tails:funguin grab on
*funguin grabs tails*
tails:thats over
funguin:is that what over looks like!

thats the sneak peek read the full story at


where tails can chill with friends!

18. creamfan2 - October 10, 2008

you are the only person i know whose favorite number is 0. lol 😀

19. Sarah - December 22, 2008

color: Rainbow
Animal: Chihuahua
Thing to do: Update clubpenguin and youtube accounts and COMPUTER! Im a computer geek. Check me out at: http://www.youtube.com/user/klutzymczillafilms
Food: Anything italian, sushi, and more
word: Holy Crap
Number:13( Im a klutz!)

20. Pinkypie383 AKA Sarah - December 23, 2008

color: lime green
animal: frog
holiday: christmas
food: pasta and orange chicken and salad and tacos
candy: gummy bears ( i dont like chocolate)

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