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Creamfan2 Missing! July 27, 2008

Posted by dandeman13000 in Uncategorized.

Funguin u haven’t seen any sign of Creamfan2? On her site she hasn’t been sen since MARCH and all the pie ppl are wondering what happened. IF ANYONE REMEMBERS SEEING CREAM RECENTLY PLZ TELL ME OR ANY OF THE OTHER PIE LOVERS. I haven’t seen her, and I’m assuming it’s one of the 4:

1. She quit and didn’t want to deal with pplz whining about it (Most Likely)

2. She died (We might declare this as possible if we don’t find her by September. I know, but it could be an explanation. Srry to be creepy)

3. Can’t get onto the site or cp (Her new computer could’ve been messed up. Everyone uses microsoft these days…)

4. Got amnesia and forgot all about it (Same thing as the possibility she died. Amnesia can be cured, though)

5. Went on an extended (VERY EXTENDED) vacation or moved somewhere (didn’t tell us) and couldn’t get access to the internet. (Not likely-she wouldn’t have gone on vacation in March and still not return)




O and sweet samoa is also missing. Maybe it’s something with where they are. That would relate more to either a computer crash or a terrorist attack. I wonder which one (sarcasm)…

Sara Says: Dandeman just so you know amnesia can’t be cured. Cured refers to healing by use of remedial treatment. People with Amnesia can only regain their memories again by themselves, NOT with the help of treatment.



1. Zizzle Z(not logged in yet) - July 27, 2008

HI ziz heree just wanted to say hello keep up da good wrk pie ur doin really great im ganna be comin on here more often like i used to so yay =D

2. Funguin(not logged in 2 wordpress) - July 28, 2008

I miss Cream.

3. dandeman13000 - July 28, 2008

ya grub & I do to. IDK if she or sweet samoa will even come back.

4. Grubba - August 4, 2008

srry. I just see it as cured since ppl with amnesia are still treated somehow, even though that doesn’t recover it. Doctors also say “cured” to look good.

5. Grubba - August 4, 2008

and it’s kinda unlikely that it even happened anyway. But if it did, amnesia is usually difficult to wear off 😦

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