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:( June 28, 2008

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I dont really feel like posting about CP now my AWESOME, PIETASTIC friend Sara is going through trouble. You all no Sara, the creater of Puffz. Well people are accusing Sara of stealing Puffz from CP. The whole idea was Puff Ball. NOT PUFFLES! Just listen to what she wrote on her homepage:

This was like a few months after I just started doing stuff on the computer. I had just become friends with Creamfan2, a cp blogger. I asked her if she could draw me a big ball of fluff with huge eyes and a mouth. So she drew me one, that’s the Puffz you see in the game. I was going to add antennae to the Fluff Ball, but then I thought it would be an alien.

So it was a Puff Ball. But then I would have to drop the z because if you put a z at the end of Puff Ball it sounds wrong. So I called it Puffz, the z was added because like everyone was using z’s at the end of plural words

Blog games were becoming popular. So I decided to have one too, but I didn’t know what my character was to be, so I decided my Puffz would be it!

Then the story basically followed until now
~The End~

 SO yeah, I want to help a good friend. Go to http://www.puffzgame.piczo.com/ and vote on her poll thing that she SHOULD keep Puffz, no matter what some stupid ppl say!!!!!

O yeah, Rockhoppers here, new sports catalog, whatever.


u no i ♥ pie




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