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DISNEY MUST DIE!!! June 3, 2008

Posted by dandeman13000 in Uncategorized.

Pplz, I’ve had enough with Disney’s nonsense. They ban everyone, including dandy, and they charge waaayyyy too much for membership, and then ban the pplz that pay. Obviously, all the want is our cash! After Dande complained to Disney about Im Zeus’s login problem, they said they won’t do anything unless he becomes a member. He gave them the password to prove it was him, and they still want him to pay. I think Disney has just gone sadistic and is out of hand. We’re going to war against disney, so gather ur pie guns and stuff, check my war plans on danielnator and dandy’s sites, and meet on muklujk and protst on frozen or mammoth/blizzard while you’re on an extra peng. If u run out of pengies for ur account, use bugmenot.com to make more. We’re going to protest and boycott against disney until they act right!




1. jamiegirl - June 3, 2008

Ill protest but what is the url to dandes site??

2. rik - June 4, 2008

I like the old disney movies, so you can’t make me pretest Disney, but zi’ll protest what disney is doing to Club Penguin.

3. jamiegirl - June 4, 2008

Good idea Rik I agree wanna meet on Cp somtime to protest?!

4. jamiegirl - June 4, 2008

I’m Redagirl888 also

5. jamiegirl - June 6, 2008


they banned me when i payed today!!!!! and im banned till the partys over!

6. jamiegirl - June 6, 2008

plz unbann me plz

7. bella03 - June 6, 2008

Hey it’s Bella, i havent commented in a while and i dnt feel like logging in.
Im so maddd but i was talkin 2 squizziz and she said maybe if i becum a member my name might change back…
how much is the membership now??

8. rik - June 7, 2008

I haven’t been banned yet, I’m gonna protest on CP all day!

9. ben166 - June 7, 2008

ok ill do it they hadent ban ben166 but they bannned benrulz123

10. tails6000 - June 10, 2008

guys if your all using cheats or trainers thats how its making you banned not disney

11. tails6000 - June 10, 2008

well thats what i think yet im not banned

12. blob152251 - June 14, 2008

yea lets do it!!!!!!!!!!

13. ihatedisney - June 26, 2008

OK Srry that I didn’t tell u that I forgot that I posted on this site :(. Dande’s site is on Funguin’s staff list and the disney protesting is on ihatedisney.wordpress.com

14. rik - June 27, 2008

Disney is ccharging like 6$ for membership

15. dandeman13000 - July 5, 2008

6? Not in a million years (even though I bet they like 6 bcz of the satan triple.) But I think u mean $60 for something that isn’t real.

16. Funguin - July 6, 2008

$5.95- a month
$29.95- 6 months
$57.95- 12 months
I think you OVER exaggerate a lot! I mean seriously, you think they like the # 6 because 666. I know its a joke but its stupid. VERY. It’s rude, no matter how bad of a company they are.

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