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What do you think? April 16, 2008

Posted by Funguin in Uncategorized.

I want to make this blog more interesting, have any ideas? My hits are dropping. 😦

The contest, has been a failure, I might make a new one soon out of ur ideas u made in the “Most Ideas for a contest contest!”

Urg, my sister NEVER updates her page! A message to her: Update it, or your fired!!!

You know the story on the puffles homepage thingy? If i get more hits, ill write the continuation

Also be on the look out for a new story in thier story section and more dairy enteries and PIMs!

Its not a HUGE thing, but i would like to have a 10,000 hits party! 😀

Idk way a loy of ppl came on the 2nd, lol

u no i ♥ pie




1. scruffy2rules - April 17, 2008

HI funguin u never probably heard of me but maybe to get more hits u should make a HUGE site update it helps!
I in fact have heard of u! Ur Scruffy’s friend!

2. scruffy2rules - April 17, 2008


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