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April Fools Day Party! March 29, 2008

Posted by Funguin in Club Penguin, PARTY, Pie.

Okay, so there is a pretty cool April Fools Day Party on Cp. Im kinda dissapionted with some repeated rooms (dojo) and a repeated item (i didnt have it, but it was really rare). Other than that, it was pretty cool. There are 2 free items!

The first 1 is the Red Propellor Cap! Its at the Ski Village!


(click 2 enlarge)

The 2nd one is the Swirly Glasses! Its at the Cove!


(click 2 enlarge)

Also, at the Mine if you connect all the lines on the Mine, you get the pin, a crayon!


I like some of the funky rooms (coffee shop) but im very dissapionted with the Dance Club! All the difference is that its pixely and plays different music! The free item were pretty cool, so i rate it a… 5.5/10

u no i ♥ pie




1. beztar - March 29, 2008

I think the party is very good. the free items are great and they hid a lot of fun things around the island.

2. Pappy - March 29, 2008

yeah me too.

3. Funguin - March 29, 2008

Im just a harsh rater!

4. Sara - March 30, 2008

funguin ur online!

5. Ephrem - April 1, 2008


6. 123pingucute - April 5, 2008

thanx u r the best

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