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Dont 4get the contest! March 16, 2008

Posted by Funguin in Contest, Pie, Puffles.

The contest on the contest page has only had 2 ppl try out! Come on, its a fun contest! You can surf youtude or whatever and if u find a funny or interesting movie, give us the link, and u have a chance 2 win! IT DOESNT HAVE TO BE UR VID! I repeat, it does not have to be a vid that u made! Okay, I just wanted to clear that mess up. Also, did anyone notice the Shop subpage under my puffles page? If not, check it out! Its pretty cool. One last thing, who enjoyed their pi day on the 14th? I DID! I had pizza pie and them pie 4 dessert! YUM YUM YUM!

u no u ♥ pie




1. Pappy - March 16, 2008


2. puppyscruffy - March 16, 2008

OMG MY TEACHER TOLD US IT WAS PI DAY TOO! because you know pi= 3.14 and it was 3/14! =)

3. zizzlez - March 18, 2008

whaaaaaat????? pi lol i ate pie instead but im entering!

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