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Just a little warning… March 6, 2008

Posted by Funguin in Pie.


My internet like dies at exactly 5:41 pm cp time (8:41 eastern time, 7:41 central). Just a little warning! Its just that I feel so bad when I leave meebo and ppl r still there and I dont say good bye. Also wordpress is SUPER slow 4 me 2day. 😦 Anyways my friend (from real life) is going to make a wordpress blog, and Im going to help her with it on Saturday! 😀

u no i ♥ pie


PS I have no answers 4 the codes yet! R u ppl stumped or just dont remember them?



1. Zizzle Z(not logged in yet) - March 7, 2008

yeah that happenes 2 me when i have 2 tabs this stupid thing will come up and closes my window. but anyways all the new stuff is out witch means the red sunglasses are out with the blues ones. u guys are probly rouding how i know this at 8:45 in the morning well im sick i have the fever so my parents let me get on the comp and put i in my bed plz pray and hope me well i have a fever and i hate it so wish me luck plz!!

2. cwpleader - March 7, 2008

Funguin im having a party look on my site for more info and maybe you can post it on your site for me.

3. zizzlez - March 7, 2008

ill check 2 and ill put it on my site 2

4. cwpleader - March 7, 2008

thanks zizzlez

5. zizzlez - March 7, 2008

all u have 2 do is just give me the link

6. Snow - March 8, 2008

funguin ur online! go on meebo!

im on now 😀

7. fosters1537 - March 10, 2008

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