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I MADE IT! February 9, 2008

Posted by Funguin in Uncategorized.

YAY! TPOA 1st elimination I survived! lol. I was in second last, so ppl VOTE 4 ME IN THE SECOND ROUND!! PLZ! It would mean a lot 2 me if u did! *gives pie to ppl who vote 4 me* See! http://penguinoscarawards.wordpress.com/ Also, Reminder: contest ends tomorrow 12:00 CP time!! Thats all!

u no i ♥ pie


SHRED EDITS: I made it too! Vote for one of us at: http://penguinoscarawards.wordpress.com/

Oh, and Funguin, I’m winning the contest, but I’m your admin, so just forget my entries for the contest.




1. zizzlez - February 8, 2008

YAY PIE *TURNS SAD MUSIC ON! *eats pie! *eyes rurn really little! yay PIE PIE PIE I WANT PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Snow - February 9, 2008

Funguin i know ur online and i need to chat with u on meebo its REALLY important!

3. Snow - February 9, 2008

Funguin where r u? u said u would be on meebo!!!!!!!!!
Oh well ill be on mine if u read this

4. funguin - February 9, 2008

Snow, i was on meebo but sadly not 4 very long. Thats y i wasnt there.

5. Snow - February 9, 2008

i dont get what u mean with the paper lol

6. Funguin - February 9, 2008

lol, i meant that do i write arictles about:
new clothing & furniture catalog March 1st
and Random name drawing march first
thats all!

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