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Adventures of Earl! Part 4 January 12, 2008

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[17:52] Funguin: YUMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[17:52] Yep: LETS EAT IT
[17:52] NOOOOOOO: *eats town*
[17:52] Funguin: *eats NOOOOOOOO*
[17:53] U ATE ALL OF PIE TOWN: oops
[17:53] Funguin: Where did pie town go?
[17:53] *sigh*: WE ATE PIEO TOO! YAY
[17:53] Funguin: Where is Pieo?????????
[17:54] Wow that was fast: ya where is he
[17:54] You just ate him: OH YAY
[17:54] Earl: IM FREE
[17:54] Funguin: HI EARL!
[17:54] Snow949: YAY EARL
[17:55] Earl: Cya losers
[17:55] Earl: *earl leaves*
[17:55] Funguin: I LOVE U 2!
[17:55] Snow949: BYE EARL
[17:55] Earl: u realize i was using u?
[17:55] Earl: to become free
[17:55] Earl: and i hate you right?
[17:56] Funguin: I love u 2!
[17:56] Funguin: u SO nice!
[17:56] Earl: *sigh*
[17:56] Earl: *earl leaves*
[17:56] Snow949: hey funguin u hungry?
[17:56] Funguin: YEAH
[17:56] Snow949: if pieo was pie shouldnt earl be?
[17:56] Funguin: OMG!!!!!!
[17:56] Snow949: LETS EAT EARL
[17:57] Funguin: *EATS EARL*
[17:57] Funguin: Yum
[17:57] Snow949: *DOUBLE EATS EARL*
[17:57] Funguin: Tangy taste
[17:57] *SIGH* NOT ALL OVER AGAIN: Hey who said that?
[17:57] *SIGH* NOT ALL OVER AGAIN: ~The End~
[17:57] *SIGH* NOT ALL OVER AGAIN: lol



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